How do I do this?

My blog writing has been stagnant since January.  Life sort of happens, but the point of the blog was to write something everyday, even if it was just a sentence. How do you get back into it having ‘failed’ having stopped having become stagnant. First thought is you just start up again. But then what if since you broke the streak or the rhythm you break it again and again and end up with some sporadic spaced out set of writings.

I’ve been working fairly hard but work started to quiet down. The world went a bit topsy turvey since allegedly some mad lad ate a bat and released a fancy new virus. This is affecting everyone around the world. Work is running out as it were and that is happening to many people. I’ve been keeping busy with my remaining work, building portfolios and doing some practice projects to hopefully shift my work focus to a more 3D oriented field.

I’ve also been working on my 3D print and have been running out of supplies. Since the lock down only allows for the purchase of essentials such as food and medicine I had to scrounge up what I could find to see if I could finish my 3D print off.  I wanted to record the whole process and post it on the blog, and that’ sone thing that kept me from not posting it – I’m still busy. But that’s not the point of the blog its to write on what I have in a project or a thought at the end of a given day.

With the limited resources, some spray paint and my sister’s graciously donated nail polish I’ve learned a few things and if or when the world returns some manner of normal I think I’ll be able to get the result I want before moving on to a silicone mold and resin cast of my figure.

I’ll be working on writing again everyday and will upload the process of my 3D printing endeavors in a more complete fasion soon.