The Challenge

It seems that our lock down has also lead to some loss of work. Unfortunate roll of the dice that has fallen on many people. I’m using the lock down time to gather my work into portfolios and updating websites and designing CV’s. I’m trying to do a couple of job applications a day for remote or overseas work, anything that remotely aligns with my skill set. But my presentable work doesn’t entirely move me towards what I want to do.

I’ve always wanted to be an animator. I’ve managed to have a fairly regular client with book trailers and interesting animations but not quite a Disney production. I’m also very interested in 3D modelling and game design somewhere down the line creating a game would be the dream. But not just creating a game , but creating a game that people other than myself would play. I’ve got some good 3D modelling examples my best 3D work are objects and things rather than characters or people. So I need practice in the latter and that is the challenge.

Today I listened to an interview with Todd McFarlane. The creator of Spawn and Image comics and a bunch of other crazy stuff. When he was starting out he was in college and doing a bunch of stuff while teaching himself how to draw american comic book styles and sending endless applications or proposals to comic publishers and receiving endless rejections. He said he drew at least an hour and a half if not more everyday and he still sucked. Once he was given an opportunity he was getting paid to draw ten hours a day. Only then did he start improving. I also heard it said by Chris Do from The Futur “quantity over quality” in the sense that doing numerous tasks rather than spending a long time on a single task can lead to faster improvement because you learn on every short term task you complete. I listened to another person I forget their name who started game developing and at the very start the advice he got was start small. Do a few small games before heading onto a bigger project.

So that’s what I’m going to try and do in this downtime. I’m challenging myself to do a speed sculpt everyday. For now I’m making it 10 days. a 10 day challenge. I The rules are I can’t spend any more than 2 hours on sculpting the figure. I can take time after that to just touch up and render.

And with that here is Day 1

I present Courage the Cowardly dog

As with the point of initially starting this blog – it is to do the work and ship it. Finish and publish.