The Challenge Day 2

I couldn’t sleep last night. I fell asleep briefly but then woke up just before 11 pm. By midnight I was a still wide-awake. So what the hell why not take 2 hours to sculpt rather than rolling around in bed. I finished at about 2 am and even then still rolled around. I was very groggy the whole day. Struggled to stay focused on work. Not really because of a lack of sleep I slept pretty late. About 2 weeks into this lock down I started struggling to get to sleep. No idea why. In any case It seems like I have selected a bit of a theme looking at day 2’s Sculpt for the moment I seemed to have settled on cartoon doggies. I chose Muttley from the ‘Whacky Races” and “Stop that Pigeon” it was certainly a different kind of cartoon back then. I lost a bit of work as I did a wrong thing and had to restart but I stuck strictly my 2 hour time limit. I ended up not doing the tale and didn’t get a chance to work in that snickering smirk. I’d say this pooch has one of the most iconic and memorable cartoon laughs ever.

For day 3 I think I’ll try a slightly more detailed character but I’ll just do the head otherwise I spend more time shaping and blocking than I do sculpting. which is still useful I think but kind of defeats the purpose.

And with that here is Day 2

I present Muttley the snickering pooch.