The Challenge Day 5

I watched some videos from more skilled and experienced sculptors than myself. On fellow by the name of  Yan of Yansculpts mentioned that for practice he would do 1 hour sculpts excluding setting up the base mesh. So I decided to do the same. I blocked out my character but did not count that as sculpting time. so blocking out is taking basic shapes and setting them up to more or less resemble the overall shape of what I’m attempting to sculpt. Sometimes I will sculpt on the separate pieces before joining them together. Other times I will join them from the start.  I also tried to just focus on the actual sculpting because I have been worrying more about the result than the process. I was really happy with yesterday’s result. With that said I still came up with a good end to this session. I’m very happy with the front view and there was slightly more detail to do than yesterday. So some manner of practice is in occurrence I believe.

And with that here is Day 5

I present the spitting lisping and devious cat always trying to devour the brighy little tweety bird. Sylvester from Looney Tunes